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*** This forum is to be used by ex-Girls' College Bulawayo students and teachers only. On registration, there is an easy verification question which those from Girls' College should know the answer to. Please use a username on your profile that is a version of your actual name or a nickname recognisable to your yeargroup. Anyone who manages to register who has no affiliation to Girls' College will be removed immediately. Spamming will not be tolerated at all. ***
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GC Alumni welcome

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  • GC Alumni welcome

    Please note that there may be some technical issues as this forum is a brand new setup - if you do have any problems, please say in the technical area and the admin will help or make amends.

    We honestly hope that all ex-Girls' College Girls (and teachers) make themselves at home here. It could be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and network with all the old Girls' College girls. No matter what year you went to Girls' College over the past 30-odd years, we all have something very special in common.
    • On registration, there is (hopefully) an easy question to answer - this is just to verify that you are indeed a Girls' College girl
    • It would be nice if everyone filled in a bit of basic information on their profile's so that we can all see and get to know one another
    • Please try and use a username that is a variation of your real name or a nickname that your classmates would recognise
    • I know (cough) that some of us aren't very photogenic - I certainly don't look like I did 31 years ago, but an actual photo would be nice as a profile picture
    Hope you all relax and have fun! Please invite the classmates that you are in touch with to join us.